Mini Hot Compress Neck Kneading Massager E011

Product Model: HXR-E011

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  • 1.Rechargeable wireless neck and shoulder massager with deep kneading massage function, ergonomic design, fit the curve of the neck to provide a comfortable massage experience, but also has a non-slip puller design, the use of more secure.
  • 2. Designed with long-term computer users and cell phone users in mind, this massager specifically addresses cervical problems caused by these activities. It targets the neck area, alleviating tension and discomfort commonly experienced by individuals in these situations.
  • 3.The patented U-type design allows for easy fixation around the neck, with the option to extend the angle up to 180 degrees. Furthermore, it can be applied to other body parts like the waist, back, and legs, providing a comprehensive massage experience that caters to individual needs.
  • 4. This neck massager has a long battery life, this neck massager ensures you can enjoy uninterrupted use without the need for frequent charging. This means longer and more satisfying massage sessions for your ultimate relaxation.
  • 5. This neck massager is compact, foldable, lightweight and easy to carry, you can enjoy the comfort of massage anytime, anywhere, without being limited by time and place.Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, relaxation is always within reach.
  • 6. This neck massager is equipped with hot compress function, which can accelerate blood circulation, relieve neck muscle fatigue and stiffness, and improve the massage effect.
  • 7. This neck massager has a perfect value, glossy plastic shell is not easy to stain the dust, maintenance is very convenient.
  • 8. If you want to make the neck massager has more strength, directly pull the puller can be tightened.Ultimate Comfort: The ergonomic design of this neck and shoulder massager ensures a perfect fit to the curve of the neck, providing a comfortable massage experience. The deep kneading massage function targets and soothes tired muscles, offering unparalleled relaxation.

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