What are people worried about when they buy a massager?

The IQ tax, a “tax” with a long history. As long as human beings exist, IQ tax will survive for one day.

In the past few decades, almost every generation of Chinese people has experienced the baptism of IQ tax or a big discussion. The older generation should be deeply impressed by the various health products that falsely advertise their efficacy.

And what about the contemporary young people?

Because of busy work and long hours at work, this generation of young people generally suffered from cervical spondylosis, but there is no time to go to physical stores for physical therapy, so they turned their attention to buying massage instruments online. In the face of a wide range of e-commerce platform, the price of massage instruments, people often hesitate. Even if you buy, but it is easy to use a few days without feeling the effect of the phenomenon. “Massage instrument, is not IQ tax” worry, then came into being.

Worry, there are reasons.

First of all, because some consumers lack of knowledge of the massage instrument. For example, many people look forward to using a massage instrument once or twice, immediately solve the problem of whiplash. But this is not realistic, because the role of ordinary massage instrument principle is through physical massage on the muscles, acupuncture points to press, so as to relieve muscle stiffness and other problems. Although there may be obvious soreness after pressing, it may recur after a while.

The more important reason comes from the whole massage appliance industry. Due to the product technical standards are not yet sound, low threshold of entry, the entire industry is mixed and chaotic.
1.Quality is worrying.In 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision sampled 44 batches of massage apparatus products produced by 43 enterprises in 5 provinces, and found that 14 batches of products were unqualified, with a failure rate of 31.8%.
2.Homogenization problem. At present, in addition to massage chairs such as large-scale massagers with complex massage functions require a high level of technology, small massage apparatus manufacturing threshold is not high, the process is relatively simple, so a variety of small massage instrument products appearing on the market from the appearance of the size, from the function of the marketing approach, are basically convergent. Very often, as long as the Pearl River Delta to find an OEM factory to produce products, and then casually take a name, and finally through the e-commerce platform, at a low price for sales, you can support the business prong up.
All of these have led to the lack of technical barriers in the small and medium-sized massage instrument industry, branding, scale and low concentration, intense competition, lack of innovation, price wars in general. According to a research report by Industrial Securities, in China, the number of online and offline small massager manufacturers is more than 3,000, while it is estimated that the annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan of large-scale production enterprises only 10-20.
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Post time: Aug-10-2023