Waist and Back Kneading Hot Massage Pad D050

Product Model: HXR-D050

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Parameters And Packing Data

Input voltage  DC 5V 2A
Power  10W
Lithium battery capacity  3000mAh
Single package size  443*180*500MM
Outer box size  735*465*535MM
Packing quantity  4 sets
Gross /net weight  13.2/8.8kg

Functional features

  • 1.This lower back massage cushion is a revolutionary product that provides total relief and relaxation to your lower back and back muscles. With its flexible floating massage heads, it provides full coverage of the lumbar back, effectively encircling the waist, hips, spine and pelvis. This multi-dimensional support targets different areas of the back, ensuring a thorough and effective massage treatment for ultimate comfort.
  • 2.The unique feature of this lower back massage cushion is its innovative 40℃ constant temperature hot compress function. This gentle heat therapy helps relax tense muscles, improves circulation and improves overall flexibility. The heat function facilitates back stretching and provides a deep and satisfying massage experience to help relieve stiffness and fatigue.
  • 3.Equipped with a large-capacity 3000mAh lithium battery, this back massage cushion can last an impressive 90 minutes of continuous use. The extended battery life ensures that you can enjoy a thorough, uninterrupted massage without worrying about your device running out of power. The convenience and reliability of its long-lasting battery make this massage cushion ideal for use at home, in the office, or while traveling.
  • 4.In addition, the cloth cover of the back massage cushion is designed to be easily removable for easy cleaning. Simply remove the lid, rinse thoroughly, and put back on for a fresh and hygienic experience every time. The removable cover ensures that you can easily keep the massage cushion clean and long, making it a practical and user-friendly product.
  • 5.This back massage cushion provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage experience. Full coverage of flexible floating massage heads, constant temperature hot compress for back stretching, long-lasting lithium battery, and easy-to-removal and washable cloth cover are multifunctional and convenient solutions for relieving waist tension and relaxing back muscles. Get this innovative massage cushion for a rejuvenating and comfortable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

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