Is it necessary to buy a high-tech neck massager that replaces the human hand?

Long-term head down to play with the phone, we are young to appear a variety of neck  problems ……
Have you been amenable to a variety of high-tech neck massager?
At first, these massagers are just essential for middle-aged and old people to maintain their health, but with the rejuvenation of the health army and the increasing spinal problems of young people,neck  massagers are rapidly becoming popular among young people.

● How common neck massagers work

Most of the general choice of neck massager partners are cervical spine problems, can obviously feel their cervical spine is difficult, and even often have a sense of pain, and cervical spine massage can indeed be a certain degree of relief to ease our pain, relieve cervical spine pain in some of the clinical symptoms.

Online search for ” neck massager “, there will be a variety of products, the introduction of these products are similar, the principle of work is summarized in two main categories, one is the electric knocking and pressing, the other is the use of impulse stimulation.

It is the designers of the principle of human ergonomics, combined with the meridian science in Chinese medicine, the human massage techniques programmed, input into the instrument’s computer program, and then designed a certain strength and frequency, the user in the use of the machine in accordance with the set program to mimic the masseur, the shoulder and neck acupuncture points and meridians for physical massage.

● Pulse

Several popular neck massagers nowadays use electronic pulses to stimulate the muscles of the shoulder and neck, i.e., using low-voltage low-frequency pulses added to the electrodes to release tiny electric current stimulation, and the gentle pulses can reduce the pain of the muscles.
Moreover, nowadays the neck  massager is updated very quickly, with increasing functions, in addition to the electronic pulse mentioned earlier, magnetic and infrared treatments have also been added.
But no matter which treatment method, it actually boils down to a series of external stimulation that increases blood circulation in the body, relaxes the muscles, releases muscle tension and relieves muscle fatigue.

● How to use a neck massager

Although each neck massager is used in much the same way, no matter which one you buy, you must always read the instruction manual carefully before using it to understand the detailed operation and precautions.

Neck massager is currently divided into two kinds, one is not attached to the patch, when used directly set on the neck can be, the other is attached to the patch, this kind of use before observing whether the patch is clean whether there is adhesive, paste must be according to the instructions to find the right acupuncture points and then paste.
Put in the right place, start power, according to their own situation to choose the gear, do not blindly pursue the “pain” and choose not suitable for their own frequency, remember to start from the gentle gear massage, adapt to the gradual adjustment.
Use the process of choosing a comfortable position to sit, do not arbitrarily turn their necks to avoid accidents, such as discomfort, stop immediately.
Massage time is up to turn off the power first, remove the instrument can be.

● The advantages and disadvantages of neck massager

The biggest advantage of the neck massager is that it is small and lightweight and easy to carry, and most of the neck  massagers are low-power, the use of the process is not easy to directly cause injury, at the same time, the neck massager is easy to operate and easy to use, and the elderly will be much more convenient to use.

However, like most electrical appliances, neck  massager is afraid of water and humidity is not fall, so when using it, we should pay attention to away from the water source a little farther, usually storage should also pay attention to waterproof and moisture, stored in a dry place.

● So what kind of people is a neck massager suitable for?

In fact, neck massager is a health care equipment for sub-healthy as well as healthy people, which can assist in the treatment of some cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylolisthesis and other chronic diseases, but remember, neck massager can’t cure the related diseases fundamentally.
Not only that, the neck  massager also need to pay attention to the following points when using:
After exercise, after meals and fasting should not use the neck  massager for stimulation and massage, this time to use the instrument will make people produce nausea, chest tightness, and even cause vomiting.
When the shoulder and neck have lesions such as tumors, acne, also can not use the instrument, this time the use of neck  massager will only stimulate blood vessels aggravate the condition. When the neck fracture is also can not use the instrument, is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

Post time: Aug-09-2023