The ten billion dollar market for massage appliances

[Low Headed People] [Sedentary People] ….. The increasing pressure of work and life has made [sub-health] a common problem for most modern people. However, unlike illness, [sub-health] has not yet reached the point of needing to seek medical treatment, therefore, massage equipment that can relieve symptoms and have significant health effects are welcomed by people!
Massage equipment is very rich in categories, can be said to cover the whole body [from head to toe], including head massagers, eye massagers, facial massagers, shawl massagers, massage pillows, massage cushions, massage chairs and foot spa machines and other categories. In addition, [alternative] products such as movie guns, fat burners, vibrators, and electronic moxibustion devices have emerged to meet people’s fitness needs over the years.
Since the 1990s, the varieties and functions of massage equipment on the market have been enriched and improved, and the pace of entering the family experience has accelerated. In particular, the varieties of portable massage appliances are further enriched, and gradually formed eye, neck, head and other segments of the market, mainly targeting the common symptoms of fatigue and discomfort of modern people’s eyes, shoulders, neck, head, etc., and the user can promptly relieve the discomfort of the body after using such products. After a long period of market cultivation, massage appliances from East Asia, Southeast Asia market to Europe and the United States market, and in the context of global integration has rapidly expanded its market size.
In recent years, the global market scale of massage appliances products has continued to expand, and the “2021 Global Body Massager Industry Research and Super Trend Analysis Report” shows that it first exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, and first exceeded 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2019
Today, China has become the fastest-growing market in the world in terms of demand for massage equipment products. Data show that in 2010, China’s massage appliance market size was about 4.9 billion yuan, and by 2019 this size reached 13.9 billion yuan.In 2020, China’s massage appliance market size reached 14.8 billion yuan. Specifically to the product categories, Prospect Industry Research Institute data show that massage appliances can be divided into small massage appliances and large massage chairs, from the current market situation, by the bottom of the foot massager, massage cushions and other components of small massage appliances and large massage chairs accounted for 54% and 46% respectively.
New Year’s Day to send elders in the gift list will always have massage appliances, especially the figure of massage appliances, massage appliances are now not only exclusive to the elders, young people will also be included in the list of massage appliances health tools. More and more attention to health and wellness of young people, superimposed on the massage instrument brand advertising and social platforms to promote the effect of the drive, massage instrument has become a lot of young people at home or even in the office necessities. A number of e-commerce platform data show that more than 60% of the cervical spine, shoulder and neck, eye massage instrument consumers for the post-90s.
Such a large-scale market, but also derived from a large number of massager factories, a good quality massager factory can let the brand save effort and money, we are confident to provide customers with quality assurance, choose us is your best choice!

Post time: Aug-22-2023